The Tutor Wizard Inc. is dedicated to helping students improve their skill in logic and mathematics.  In one-on-one sessions, the tutor wizard finds, addresses and engages each individual’s problem areas.  Our main goal is not just to teach the subject at hand, but also to teach students how to learn on their own.  This is key for succeeding in mathematics or any field of study.

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Dr. Adrian Biglands

Dr. Adrian Biglands

With a masters degree in pure mathematics and a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Alberta, Dr. Biglands brings over fifteen years of post-graduate teaching experience to The Tutor Wizard Inc. team.

Instructing at University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge (Edmonton), Concordia University, and MacEwan University Dr Biglands brings his firm foundation in pure mathematics serving as founder and team leader specializing in calculus, Linear Algebra, engineering mathematics, coding theory and higher mathematical analysis.